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Resuscitation ?

Gonna try this now. We'll start you guys up with a "50 of" month challenge, and then (even if that fails) we'll attempt the idea I had a while back (which is still a secret of course haha). If all fails, then I guess it's sad to say bangelchallenge will RIP.

Now incase anyone's forgotten - here's what you do:
We give you some sort of theme, and you make 50 B/A icons by the end of the month. If you can't make 50, at least try for 30.

As soon as you've got 50 icons:
- You post your batch to this community as a new post.
- Must be posted by the end of the month. [or in this case, by Feb 9th

When the month is over Karla and I will take a look at your icons and select the best icon for each of the categories. So when the poll goes up, in each category, 1 icon from everyone will be competing against each other. And you'll vote for the best icons. Everything will be just like the last 50 of challenge">. This was the poll from that challenge.

THEME: BtVS Season 3 and Passion

Passion is just there for inspiration. Any kind of passion... not necessarily romantic. All I care is that your icons are from season 3 and they're B/A. :)

Thanks to the few who entered this challenge. Just wasn't enough to put voting up ages ago. If anyone feels like entering please do, and I'll put up voting for it. :)

~ Mod
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